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Director of H3 - Health & Happiness by Homeopathy, Centre of Classical Homeopathy, Nashik, Maharashtra, India

Meet Dr. Atul Jaggi 

- Dr. Atul Jaggi, came in contact with Homeopathy in 1991 when he started studying from one of India’s best college – Nehru Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, New Delhi.

- But his real homeopathic evolution began, when in 1996 he got fortunate to join the first group of Four Year Course in International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (IACH), headed by Prof George Vithoulkas.

- In 2000, he received the esteemed Diploma of  IACH and was awarded with a scholarship, as he stood 3rd amongst 170 International doctors.

- His homeopathic experience grew leaps and bounds when he assisted Prof. George Vithoulkas by staying  two years in Greece. For last 27 years, he has been following seminars in IACH and learning profoundly.

- His main mission is to bring students in contact with the precious and life changing teachings of Prof George Vithoulkas and spread real Hahnemannian Classical Homeopathy.

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