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 Prof. George Vithoulkas - "The goal of Medicine is to bring people to a state of Happiness"  

There are ordinary teachers, then there are extraordinary teachers but there are some teachers who are life changing teachers. These teachers by their teachings not only pass knowledge to you but the wisdom in their teachings transforms your life completely thus making the life of the pupil more complete, meaningful and truly more beautiful.

Professor George Vithoulkas is one of such remarkable teacher.

In the last 27 years, since we have known him, we have been witness to his successes in very difficult chronic diseases and equally amazed by miraculous effects of Homeopathy in acute diseases. Our firm and unshakable belief in Homeopathy as one of the best therapeutic modality, is only because of the cures that we have seen and experienced under him.

One who has really seen cures and that too in majority of his patients, could gather the understanding to bring out the theory of Levels of Health and the Continuum of Unified Theory of Diseases. The whole medical fraternity would be indebted to Prof George Vithoulkas for these invaluable theories. 

We thank God for first bringing us in contact with Homeopathy and then to George, who made us understand the real potential of this divine science and actually made us fall in love with it.

Thank you our dearest Teacher.

Dr Atul Jaggi & Dr Latika Jaggi

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